About Me

Hi Guys,

My name is Dino. I love pets very much. I feel that many animal/pets are human’s best friend.

They love you so much if you treat them great. They never betray you because you are their best friends forever.

First puppy in my life – Ding Ding


This is my cutie pup called “Ding Ding”. She is really a very nice puppy and listens to people.

Ding Ding is very adorable that every of my family members also loves her.

 sleeping puppy

She knows how to go back to bed and poo at the right place, but one thing still in progress to teach is that she still like to fake bite people as a game.

You will fall in love with her and it’s hard to scold her even she makes mistake because of her cuteness. This is the biggest gap that I have to cross over it.

Other pets

Besides that, I have several pets as well that they are the guinea pig, cat, carps, tortoise and rabbit.

Let me introduce them to you one by one.

Here is Mao Mao the Guinea Pig.

It is a “She” also, she likes to eat tiny tomato the most! So for normal feeding I just use Timothy Hay and normal food. Then I just put her in the regular cage with the rabbit together. Don’t worry, rabbit and guinea pig are best friends forever. Haha!

Alright, now is her best friend – Pong Pong the Bunny!


Pong Pong is living with Mao Mao together in one home as the best live partner for each other.

They like to play with each other every day that they won’t get bored.

They share food and Timothy Hay together as well.

This is my wise tortoise called Gui Gui! 😀

Normally we heard about tortoise is that they are a slow motion animal.

Actually, my Gui Gui can walk pretty quite fast when I bring it out for exercise, and he is really very wise.

Sometimes when I talk to him, I can feel that he seems like know what I’m talking about.

Many times I put his food in a place and then I ask him to go there to eat, he really can walk to that place and eat it!

This really shocked me at the moment!

Then here they are – The Carps Family


There are 12 carps in total that I put them in the big aquarium at my house.

I still remember when I brought them home, they just are tiny little carp which most likely around 5 inches, but now they are all huge and some of them grow to 18 inches. That’s is terrible! Carps can live up to hundred years long if you take them a good care.

My lovely Xiao Bai the White Cat`


He is a very rare pure white cat that can found in my place. Xiao Bai is a very clever cat and his pure white fur really outstanding beautiful.

He is a stray cat that came from outside. One day, my mom saw him and just called him:”kitty kitty”, he straightly come over to my mom’s side. My mom just shocked and we decide to take care of him. But unfortunately, he

He doesn’t like to stay at home and he always wants to go outside and play, so we just take care of him for several months and put him at outside of our house. However, he still stays on the outside of our house, so we still feed him every day. But unfortunately, he passed away as he gets cold and sick due to get wet when rainy days, and at that time, I don’t know where he goes. When my mom found him, he already makes his way to heaven and RIP.

The fatty Kepo Guinea Pig.

fatty guinea pig

He is called Kepo, my fatty Guinea pig! He is Mao Mao’s son and his favorite action is “eat”!

So that you can see his size is extraordinary. Kepo is an active guinea pig that he also love to run here and there always, but still fat, haha. He can keep many foods in his mouth and make you laugh all the time when you see his dummy action. But….he is also passed away due to sickness. Every time when I see his picture, I also feel sad. He is the cutest one.

So all the above are my pets, as you can see I love pets so much.

There are still more pets that I have before such as another 3 guinea pigs, catfish, crab, small lobster, birds, 3 hamsters and other type fishes but all of them passed away and I didn’t have their photos to show.

So I have created this site that I wish I can share all my information, news, review and knowledge with all you guys.

Hope that this site can help you out and gather all the people who love pets for sharing together.

My dream is to open one pets shop in the future and I will fulfill my dream in one day!

Any question and inquiry can just shoot me an email at support@petssitterr.com or just Contact me.

See you on the another side. Cheers!



Founder of Pet’s Sitterr