How To Choose The Right Dog Grooming Shears

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There are various types of dog grooming shears. When grooming both large and small canines, you’ll realize you like long shears.

Much longer shears offer you more coverage, which makes it easier that you should groom dogs.

Deciding on the best scissors can favorably affect the product quality and velocity of your projects and keep your budget happy.

They are able to even improve position and push away the typical pains and aches that lots of in the grooming industry have problems with – namely make, neck, elbow and wrist discomfort, combined with the feared carpel tunnel symptoms.

Grooming shears should fit nicely in your hands and also have a few pounds to them.

They ought to open up and close easily, but at exactly the same time not be so loose that they wobble. They shouldn’t be too limited where the cutting blades scrape collectively or stick.

Types of Dog Grooming Shears (Finishing)

Your group of finishing shears will include Long Right, Long Curved, Mixing, Small shears, Ball Point shears and Thinning shears.

Many professional dog groomers have many of each kind. This way, when one arranged is now boring or being sharpened, they can work still.

  • Long Right shears: They are helpful for scissoring cylindrical legs on curly covered dog breeds as well as the skirts on breeds like the Cocker Spaniel, West Maltese, and Highland.
  • Long Curved shears: These cover most all-over body work.
  • Mixing shears: This help conceals faults created by the clipper or scissoring.
  • Long Thinning shears: These shears with somewhat larger teeth can help remove bulk on Newfoundlands and other large breeds.

The Geib Dark Pearl range are professional dog grooming shears made of high-grade Japan cobalt steel, complete with a highly durable black titanium coating to provide a precise and well-honed cut.

Each group of Dark Pearl scissors are well-balanced and also have been weighted for maximum accuracy and comfort.

Key Considerations When Choosing New Shears:

Handle Shape.

It really is broadly considered that offset deals with will be the best form ergonomically for many people.

Offset grips keep the thumb in a far more natural position, which places less pressure on the carpel tunnel nerve.

The offset form also helps to lower the elbow naturally, putting less pressure on the joint. The complete Black Pearl range between Geib features only offset holders.

Scissor Length.

The space of your fingertips and how big is your hand, combined with the kind of work you are completing will affect the length of scissor you will need.

You might find you will need a variety of scissors with differing measures to complete your projects.

Typically, choosing a scissor with an extended knife (7” plus) with a brief shank means your hands should work less and experience less exhaustion.

All of the scissors in the Dark Pearl range include a brief shank with an extended blade.


Most dog grooming shears are made of stainless or carbon metal, which will make for durable scissors that will keep an advantage well.

The ideal materials for scissors, however, is currently cobalt metal, which is ultra-lightweight, yet resists nicks and potato chips higher than metal.

All scissors in the Dark Pearl range are made of cobalt steel and are coated in thick titanium for extra durability also.


You ought to have at least one group of shears for precuts on unwashed canines.

Precut shears will be the pairs you’ve decreased or no more slice well even after sharpening the cutting blades.

To maintain the life span of your finishing shears, avoid trimming wet or filthy locks. That might be like slicing sandpaper.

Also, you must never use your grooming shears to lower other styles of materials apart from dog hair.

Be sure to clean your shears after every dog and keep them in their person cases to avoid them from scraping one another.

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