How exactly to stop your pet from chasing other pets.


How exactly to stop your pet from chasing other pets. Especially dog.

It’s only natural for canines to run after other pets. Whether it’s pet cats, chickens, rabbits or horses, chasing can be an instinctive behavior in canines.

However, because it’s natural for your pet doesn’t mean it’s alright. Chasing other pets can be dangerous, both for the thing of the chasing after as well as your dog.

how to stop your dog chasing cat

If you’re thinking why you shouldn’t let your pet chasing other pets consider these true points:

Your pet can hurt or kill the other animal:

If your pet is chasing someone else’s pet, he’s severely stressing that other animal. If he catches the pet, he could significantly injure it or destroy it.

It’s inhumane to permit your pet to damage another pet, sometimes it’s even unlawful, depending on your geographical area.

Your pet learns a poor habit:

Allowing or encouraging your pet to chase wildlife or small animals isn’t just harmful to the pet he’s chasing, but it additionally teaches your pet that it’s alright to harass other creatures.

It’s best to discourage any type of aggression toward other animals.

Your dog could easily get hurt:

If your pet catches a cat, raccoon or any other small animal, that animal will fight because of its life.

The effect is that your pet may be scratched or bitten. If your pet chases horses, he’s more likely to get kicked or stomped on.

Also, in many places, livestock owners are allowed to shoot canines that are running after their animals.

dog chasing sheep

When you have a puppy who loves to run after other critters, you’ll have your projects slice out for you looking to get him to avoid.

Once the joy is discovered by a dog of the chase, it could be tricky to teach it out of him. You are able to do too much to discourage it, however. Below are a few tips:

Obedience teach:

The ultimate way to train your dog never to run after other pets is, to begin with, behavior training.

If your pet is been trained in basic compliance, he’ll be tuned directly into you and can seek your authorization.

In the event that you train him to sit down, down, stay and come when called, you’ll have the ability control him should he begin to follow a cat, poultry, equine or other pet.

Teach control:

Create training opportunities for your pet. Have him sit down and stick to securely on the leash when there’s a kitty in the area.

If he ignores the kitty, praise him and present him goodies. If he’s centered on the kitty, start providing him obedience instructions to place his attention back again you.

Your goal is to instruct him never to concentrate on the kitty, and show him that he can maintain the same room with a kitty without seeking it.

Be vigilant:

If everything else fails, accept your dog’s proclivity for chasing other pets and protect other creatures by maintaining your dog from them.

This implies maintaining your dog safely on a leash once you go out and staying away from situations where he’ll be enticed to run after.

It’s your responsibility to give a protected climate for both your pet and other pets.

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8 thoughts on “How exactly to stop your pet from chasing other pets.

  1. Sean Contreras

    Very informative post about getting dogs to stop chasing. I take care of my neighbor’s dogs a lot and they always start chasing each other and the ferret. I have to jump on top of them normally to get them apart, but now that I have the right info, I think I’m gonna start training them to knock it off. Thank you!

    1. Saw Post author

      Yea Sean, thanks for your comment. Sometimes we really don’t know that what kind of action that they do is right or wrong.
      So we really need information from expert to tell us what to do. I also learn from those people who has experience.

  2. casey

    I used to have a cat and she got sick and died cause a cat bit her in the neck later we found out she contracted kitty aids so it can also be dangerous because if your pet is chasing another pet and it gets bit by the other animal it can lead to your animal contracting incurable diseases. great post by the way.

    1. Saw Post author

      Thansk Casey, yes, you are absolutely right. I am sorry to hear that. That’s why we need to know more about our pets.

  3. ht

    This is interesting topic. I used to have many dogs during my childhood and never knowledgable enough to know why they do what they do. I wish I have this site during those times. Anyway it is good to have discovered your website and learn so much more now.

    1. Saw Post author

      You are the most welcome Christian, really hope this information can help you up. I think you need to keep read more about cat’s behavior so that you can live better with them.


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