Why you feel your cat annoyed?

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There’s reasonable why your cat is acting annoyed.

Let’s face it – cats get a poor rap. Ailurophobes around the world have (pretty much) centered their whole phobia on the theory that all pet cats are jerks.

However, those folks who love and enjoy our feline friends know the only reason felines are ever jerks is basically because something is bothering them.

To create your kitty stop being truly a jerk, you will need to discover the reason why he’s being one to begin with.

There’s always grounds (because pet cats aren’t normally jerks). Here are some explanations why your pet cats might be performing such as a jerk plus some tips about how to avoid them from escalating their behavior.

Your cat may be in Pain

This is actually the No. 1 reason your kitty might be considered a jerk. In the end, how happy are you when you’re in pain?

Because your kitty is youngish or happens to truly have a beautiful coating doesn’t imply he’s not in pain.

His belly might be performing up, he could have the start of a urinary system contamination, perhaps he jumped off that high canopy bed you’re so pleased with and landed on his feet wrong.

In case your cat is suddenly hissing when you make an effort to touch him or laying in a corner growling at nothing at all, there’s a reason – he is most probably in pain and it’s time for you to get him to a vet.

boring cat


Yes, being truly a jerk is a totally valid response to being bored.

Certainly, domestication is a superb offer to them, but it’s still a poor try to stop hundreds of years of conditioning.

Make your pet cats’ lives a bit more interesting by making sure they’re not fed up.

Encourage their hunting instinct by concealing their food, cause them to become stay energetic (the NekoFlies playthings are a favorite credited to help ease of changing out their top quality lures) and change up their environment with the addition of climbing areas, tunnels or even cardboard containers.

Cats have to be stimulated and we have to embrace their old intuition to help them successfully integrate into our modern indoor culture.

Something Smells Funny

Unusual odors are a large culprit for cats who are suddenly exhibiting jerky behavior.

Keep in mind, what your kitty thinks can be a smell and what you take into account to be always a nice. rose-scented bath is two completely different things.

A cat’s sense of smell is approximately 14 times much better than most human’s.

Which means they may be highly delicate to any uncommon smells, including room deodorizers, perfumes, cleaners or one thousand other activities.

If you’ve all of a sudden been bitten by the fundamental oil insect and are diffusing new citrus natural oils in your bedroom every night; that could be the reason.

If you are using a fresh laundry detergent, that could be the main reason.

Getting together with someone new? Your kitty will know very well what kind of person these are before you do – all predicated on their smell.

Observe your cat – she will let you know more than you think. Is she steering clear of a particular room?

Identify what you’re doing different and either use your kitty on understanding how to accept it or stop carrying it out.

Someone was a Jerk First

This happens much more than you might think, particularly in multi-species (or multi-cat) homes.

One kitty chooses she desires to consume first, the other kitty disagrees. That puppy you brought into the home wants to try out but your kitty has other ideas.

However, it doesn’t need to be a multi-species home. For instance, there is once a period when one of my pet cats was biting at me for no reason whatsoever.

She spent her evenings looking out windows and if we attempted to go her or chastise her for growling, she’d let loose the felines of hell.

Turns out, there is a bully of the tomcat who had bought out our yard during the night when the canines were in and the pet cats were sitting down in the windows.

He’d flout his independence by parading along the windowsill, essentially annoying my kitty forever as she steadfastly stood safeguard.

After we got that tomcat neutered and taught him to remain out of our backyard, our kitty went back to her old loving personal.

Don’t be too quick to gauge your cat – she may have a good reason behind performing like she will.

why you feel your cat annoyed?

Something is New

Pet cats generally aren’t really keen on change. Apart from some environmental enrichment occasionally, they choose everything to remain the same.

They don’t want new people wandering around, they don’t like the newborn who occupies all of your time plus they really don’t like the funny-smelling new bed comforter you purchased for your bed.

To greatly help them through this difficult adjustment, pheromones are your very best friend.

Make sure to use the right kind; if you’re attracting a fresh foster family pet, stick with the city kitty pheromones.

Feliway room diffusers can help solve these kinds of “modification” problems.

Cats are organic creatures, for certain. But they’re not almost as mysterious as we think.

It’s easy to determine what’s incorrect with your kitty if you opt to make an effort and listen.

Like us Just, they have grounds for performing just how they do. No kitty is actually a jerk no kitty functions just like a jerk without a reason.

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6 thoughts on “Why you feel your cat annoyed?

  1. Jen

    I love this… I unfortunately recently lost my cat to kidney disease last year, but this brought back some great “jerkish” memories 🙂 Cats are one-of-a-kind for sure, I love their spunk. Thanks for making me laugh and reminisce of all the good times with my little one.

    1. Saw Post author

      You are welcome Jen, thanks for your comment. Yes, cats are really adorable but just sometimes a bit naughty. XD

  2. Shirley

    Oh yes, cats can be supreme jerks at times. But that’s why we love them, isn’t it? There’s usually some reason behind the jerkiness though, and as pet owners it’s important for us to get to the bottom of it quick smart. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Saw Post author

      You are welcome Shirley, you are right, That’s the reason why we love them so much! It’s because we do not know them well. If we know how to communicate with them, then there will be no big problem.

  3. Ami

    Hi Dino, A short while back our cat walked into the door and went straight under the bed. Assumed nothing of it at the time. It was at meal time when I realized that it wasn’t coming out as usual. Tried to get it out from under the bed with no success, it almost scratched me. Was stunned. Not knowing what to do, I asked my daughter, she always has a way with pets, to go check whats up with him. She discovered there was a bone stuck in between its teeth. That incident taught me to always look out for any changed behavior, it could be communicating something urgent. Thanks for sharing what you know.

    1. Saw Post author

      Hi Ami, you are welcome and thanks for your comment. Wow, there was so dangerous~ Yes, we need to know what they want to tell us most of the time so that we can take more good care on them. So if we want to have a pet, we really must learn about them well.


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