Fun & Engaging Activity Is Vital For Your Felines


Felines are predators naturally. You can’t take hunters out of their environment and expect these to do well in a single where the potential victim is non-existent.

Felines have spent millennia finely tuning their hunting intuition and if you don’t replace their primal need to pursue, you’ll become their victim and/or they’ll take action out in harmful ways to communicate their needs.

Providing myriad opportunities for play is the ultimate way to satisfy felines’ hunting instinct.

However, there are ways to play that will make it much more fun for you and your cat.

You might think play entails only dangling a toy before your kitty, most likely, you are making her more frustrated just.

The play is mainly about hunting to a kitty and which means it could be divided into four main components: stalk, run after, eat and pounce.

cat play

Choosing a Toy for Your Felines

How you decide to play with your kitty depends upon her personality.

No real matter what your cat’s favorite approach to play is, make sure to provide her with a number of items which will activate most of her intuition, including:

Concealing: cardboard bins, tunnels, kitty caves, etc.

Much like many felines, yours may need to have several places to cover in, especially if the home activity becomes overwhelming.

Provide her with a kitty play tunnel she can crawl and conceal in or lay out a few different size boxes on her behalf to explore. (I’ve never seen any kitty ignore a good cardboard package.)

Climbing: cat trees and shrubs, kitten perches, tall scratching articles, etc.

In the open, cats look for high places to see unobtrusively and safely.

Climbing is very important to your cat since it not only satisfies this natural desire; it also allows her to use and sharpen her claws.

Therefore, your cat must have to scratch content and thing what to climb and explore.

Make sure to choose durable tree/scratching post or your kitty could become hurt if falls over on her behalf.

Stalking and Chasing: Wand playthings, lasers, stuffed playthings, ball track playthings, electronic prey playthings, etc.

Because your cat is a grasp hunter, she’ll need ways to stalk “victim.”

This is done by sketching a wand toy over the floor before her or by playing a casino game of cover and seek.

Cats also like to chase things, so you’ll need to recognize what forms of things your kitty prefers to run after.

Sometimes a kitty will be frightened of the mouse or parrot and choose to run after an insect or a lizard.

You shouldn’t encourage your pet cats to follow live victim because that’s just cruel; however, you should decide on a toy that mimics the action and size of what she loves to run after most.

Pouncing: wands playthings, stuffed playthings, electronic prey playthings, etc.

The pouncing part of catching prey is vital to cats since it gives them the chance to “complete” a mimicked kill.

Remember to let your kitty eventually capture whatever it is you’re motivating her to run after. In the event that you don’t, your kitty could become frustrated and won’t play.

Eating: treat dispensing toys and games, cat food, pet cat treats.

You should provide your kitty a treat or meal after a good play program. This can help complete the routine of hunt, capture, kill, eat.

Cats like to earn their dinners so make sure you keep her active prior to feeding. You won’t find many freeloaders in the feline world.

When To Routine Playtime

Felines are crepuscular (most dynamic at night and dawn), which frequently makes those hours the optimum time to play.

This is whenever your kitty will likely want to activate in play. Keep in mind, though, all felines are different.

You should focus on whenever your kitty is most energetic and arranged your playtime for those hours – unless, of course, that point is two each day.

As the types of activities you participate your cat in are essential, what eventually matters is the actual engagement.

Felines, indoor ones particularly, need their owner’s encouragement to remain active; not doing this can jeopardize your kitty’s mental and physical well-being.

Whatever activity you select for your playtime, be certain your kitty is enjoying as much when you are.

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4 thoughts on “Fun & Engaging Activity Is Vital For Your Felines

  1. Keli

    I Love your site! I have a little fur baby tea cup poodle 🙂 I used to groom her and she used to hate me for a day! haha, so we stick to the groomer now, but you have some very good tips on here. I was impressed. You actually just covered what I was thinking of making a website about, but I think I would just cater to the little pups and then I would end up getting another one. Last thing I need. I travel way too much. Anyway, I love your site, great advice, cute pictures. I’ll be back just to look a the little babies playing if nothing else.

    1. Saw Post author

      Thanks for your comment Keli, I really appreciated that you left such a great comment here. Yea, sometimes if we really don’t sure that if we could make it then better we stick to a groomer.

  2. sander

    I really liked the post, content on choosing what is best for my cat is just interesting and attracting, good job! Cat needs so many items to be active, but I guess if a cat comes to you and respects you already then everything should be fine 🙂 And playing even with common things like some household items can be quite interesting for the cat. And it’s true, any cat likes boxes, tubes, weird places, but they still sit right in front of you when they are least needed, haha:). I do have to add, we at home lost our cat. But it’s awesome to read about things that cats need 🙂

    1. Saw Post author

      Thanks Sander, I am pleasant to hear that this could give you a help and you can take a good read, I will get more information about dogs, cats, and other pets.


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