How To Make Your Dog To Listen To You

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Sometimes it happens that your dog won’t listen to you.

Maybe you’re prepared to leave your dog park, and that means you call your pet to go back home … only he doesn’t come when you call him. So annoying!

Or possibly you ask him to sit throughout a walk when another dog is moving, and he absolutely won’t sit.

Your pet probably knows commands like “come” and “sit” why won’t he listen when it issues?

I’ll share a few of my ideas, and then I’d like to listen from you too in the comments.

how to make your dog listen to you

Reasons a puppy won’t listen

1. Your dog truly doesn’t know very well what you’re requesting him to do.

Sometimes pet owners expect too much using their canines.

Wish dog has learned “sit” while you’re in the living room doesn’t mean he has learned “sit” outside on the walk.

For me, a good comparison is how I would identify my neighbor easily see him on our very own street, but I would not understand him at the shopping mall or at a restaurant because that might be out of context.

Likewise, dogs should try to learn different “instructions” or ideas in different situations.

And “sit” is a fairly easy concept. Instructions like “watch me” or “heel” are even more complicated because they might need more focus from your dog.

My very own dog understands the command “get the leash” when we’re in the living room and his leash is right by the entranceway.

He gladly explains and grabs it. But easily were to ask him to “get a leash” while at your dog park, I could assure you he wouldn’t understand.

2. Your dog is too sidetracked.

This is probably the big one for the majority of us. Your dog simply can’t concentrate if there are way too many interruptions like sounds, smells or other canines.

Solution: Look for a greater incentive, something that stands an opportunity at keeping your dog’s interest like bits of ham or jerky goodies.

Find something “better” to your pet than those interruptions. As time passes, you’ll have the ability to scale back on the rewards.

Also, practice asking your pet to do things in scenarios that aren’t as challenging and then very gradually over time boost the problem as your pet is successful.

3. Your dog is frightened or in pain.

I noticed this recently with my very own dog. He refused to tremble even though this is a great trick he’s adored all his life.

I soon recognized he wouldn’t get it done because of arthritis. It hurts him to lift his paw at that position, so I don’t anymore ask him to shake.

I notice my dog also hesitates to sit or lay down once I ask. Or he will it much slower than typical. It’s not because he’s not “listening.” It’s because he’s in pain.

Keep this at heart when you’re requesting your own dog to do things, even if he’s not an old dog.

For instance, maybe your pet isn’t sitting down when asked because the pavement is hot on her behalf paws and she wants to exercise. Or possibly the linoleum is too slippery.

Maybe your pet is merely tired or sore from playing around at the park. Or possibly he doesn’t come when called because you’ve made the mistake of phoning him before and then punishing him for operating off, to begin with.

Sometimes we simply need to have a step back again and appearance at the problem from the dog’s perspective and what she might be experiencing.

See my recent post on common worries dogs have.

4. You’re uninteresting or stressful to utilize.

How often are we stressed or upset when we’re training or walking our canines or asking these to do something? Fairly often Probably.

Or think about when we’re tired or occupied and we just walk our canines while performing like spaced-out, emotionless robots? That occurs to me on a regular basis.

If we wish our dogs to pay attention, we have to be fun, engaging and positive! You’d think we’d realize this, but we forget sometimes.

Tips: Carry highly valued goodies in your pocket, play video games with your pet, speak to him, goof off once in a while, carry a squeaky toy or just run before your pet yelling “woooo!” so he chases you.

My very own dog absolutely loves certain people more than others, and it’s because he views them as playful and fascinating and unstable in a great way.

He’d gladly go back home with a few of my friends, leaving me standing up because he views them as more thrilling than me! Sigh …

Okay, so those are my ideas. What ideas do the others of you have?

Any questions and opinions welcome to drop down in the comment box below to get discuss.

Thanks. Hope you enjoy. And you can visit my Pet’s Store as well.


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