Is That Necessary To Shave Down Your Dog?

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With summer completely swing, dog groomers are bombarded with Huskies, Saint Bernards, Chow Chows and other double- or heavy-coated dogs to arrive for a summer shave.

To numerous dog owners’ shock, trimming a double-coated dog actually causes more harm than good.

To be able to understand the harm, you must first know the basics of the dog’s coating and its own purposes.

shave down your dog

Not All Canines Need Shave Down

Dog breeds, like the Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese, have locks rather than hair and can be clipped as their owners prefer.

However, breeds like German Shepherds and Labradors have hair and really should not be clipped whatsoever.

Canines need their jackets.

Canines need their jackets for safety from the elements – both hot and chilly. Coats have to be clean, well-conditioned, mat free, well combed and brushed, regularly de-shed, however, they need their jackets.

A dog’s layer provides insulation both from hot and chilly. They are held because of it dried out, and it protects their largest organ – your skin – from the exterior environment.

Shaving an increase coated dog will not stop the dropping – it only makes the hair that is shed shorter.

Little spikes of locks laying around your home can be even harder to cope with than the standard length locks that are shed off your very best Friend!

Love your double-coated dog. Understand that to DE-SHED it is simpler, healthier and far better than shaving it down.

Clean and comb it and regularly bathe and condition it. Even better, send it to us for regular grooms.

Removing Hair Leads to Exposure

Dogs with hair have two different parts with their layer: the safeguard coating and undercoat.

The safeguard coating is the tough, thicker outer coating of hair that protects the dog’s pores and skin from extreme climate.

The undercoat is the smooth, fluffy hair that rests under the safeguard layer and helps maintain their body insulated through the summer time and winter.

When the fur is clipped, its natural safety is removed, leaving your skin subjected to harsh elements.

Uncovered skin can result in skin irritations, nibbling, sunburns and even epidermis malignancy.

In addition, eliminating the insulation may lead to overheating, which may be life-threatening if not treated immediately.Shave down your dog

The myth about “DON’T Be concerned; IT’LL GROW Back again.”

Probably the most harmful myth, so far as the dog can be involved is ”Don’t worry, grow back it’ll.” Well, it will sometimes.

However, the old your dog is, the not as likely the safeguard hairs will regrow.

As the undercoat will re-grow, the top hairs sometimes do not. This gives your dog a patchy, scruffy, frizzy appearance.

Also, a shaved dog is more vulnerable to sunburn – pores, and skin damaged by Ultra violet rays.

They are rays that your dog wouldn’t normally come in contact with. This, regrettably, can hurt and have a very long time to heal.

Your dog may have scaling and dandruff for a long time, even following the locks has re-grown.

Canines like poodles, Maltese, Shih Tzu’s, and other canines, which don’t have an undercoat, require regular haircuts and grooming. But canines with undercoats hardly ever need shaving.

So shaving your long-haired, double-coated dog in the summertime is not actually necessary, according to for some veterinarians.

But there could be just as many veterinarians and groomers who contain the reverse opinion which needs serious concern, too. To shave or never to shave? This controversy will continue.

THINK ABOUT YOUR Dog’s Personality When Deciding Whether to Shave

Groomers, pet welfare employees, veterinarians like me personally, and many family pet guardians have observed two completely different situations play out after a puppy has been shaved.

The first situation involves a puppy that has been shaved for reasonable — for example, a raging epidermis infection — who reacts badly to presenting all her locks removed.

Collies, specifically, often work as though someone has stripped away their superpowers. They become stressed out, upset, and sad even.

The flip side of the coin is a puppy that enjoys having his coat removed. After being shaved, these canines work as though they are set to clear of some type of locks bondage!

They take action more happy and friskier. As the groomer wields her razor, your dog comes alive, which really is a really interesting trend!

However, it is critical to remember that these canines aren’t happy because they’re cooler. They simply choose brief locks just as much humans do.

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8 thoughts on “Is That Necessary To Shave Down Your Dog?

  1. MikeKiss87

    Very informative post. I had no idea I was worried for a second until you mentioned that Maltese owners didn’t need to be concerned. I have a little guy named Boo. He needs a shave coincidently. Thanks again for the information.

  2. Dave

    Well created post on dog grooming. I know dogs especially with longer coats have a difficult time with heat so I am sure it’s best to remove some of it especially in the summer months. Personally I cannot have a dog but have in the past (allergies) and I remember my dad giving the dog a nice haircut. This is some great info on taking care of dogs and you have some great products as well!

  3. Jean

    This is a great article. I have two beautiful chow chows and when I got the first one, my boy Django, I was concerned about their thick coat as my country is close to the equator. After many people involving there opinions I one day took my boy to the beach and a random stranger came up to me explaining that i should never shave my dog. He explained how his hair insulates him and after shaving his coat will never be the same again. I then started doing research and found this is the case. And in addition shaving can lead to exposure to the sun that the breeds skin cant handle which in turn can lead to skin cancer. Now when it’s hot out I just feel with my hands from time to time if my boy and my girl, bella’s, hot. Keep spreading awareness as I don’t think many people are aware of this.

  4. Arooj Asif

    Shaving dog is hard for me. I need to hire someone to do that on my behalf. My dog ‘s hair became so rough and wavy. Can you please suggest some good hair shampoos for my puppy?


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