How to stop a dog from digging

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dog digging

Canines dig for many reasons, such as boredom, efforts to escape, hidden toy or bone search and so much more.

However, one overlooked reason canines dig is basically because they’re too hot. In the event that you aren’t a puppy trainer or pet behaviorist, you might never think your pet is protected in dirt or dirt because she’s attempting to flee the warmth.

The elements can get very warm in many parts of the country, and many canines will unavoidably have to invest a while outdoors in warm weather.

So, before considering your pet is digging to China, be sure to consider the heat of the environment outside.

Why Do Canines Dig?

Digging for chilling involves a puppy creating cooling slots to lay in. A puppy in the center of this typically won’t stop digging unless another thing is performed to cool her off.

There are specific breeds of canines, long-haired breeds especially, that are affected by heat the most. All dogs need a spot to be cool during the heat of the day.

Hyperthermia is a risk that may be seriously dangerous.


How exactly to Stop YOUR PET From Digging

Buy a Small Wading Pool

One method to cool off your pet is by installing an overhang or adding a durable umbrella under that your dog will get shade.

You could also consider clipping her coating brief or purchase a little wading pool on her behalf to rest in so she can stay cool.

With reduced dog training, you can get her to step into likely, wade in and even lay down in a kiddie pool. Many canines are content to lay in a single or two inches of drinking water in the pool.

Although they might be muddy by the end of your day, they might be much less motivated to dig.

Misting tubes offered by hardware stores aren’t only best for cooling but can keep flies away also.

How to stop a dog from digging

Fill up the Holes

Another solution you can test is filling up the openings. Without your pet seeing you, fill up the already-created openings with bits of her feces and lava stones.

Then, cover the poop and stones with about one in . of dirt. Dogs will most likely dig in the same general area so when she would go to dig there again, she’ll think it is unpleasant and either stop immediately or proceed to a fresh place.

If she techniques to a fresh spot, just continue steadily to fill up the new openings. Your dog should stop within an interval of only two weeks.

Be sure to not let your pet see you planting or employed in the garden. In addition, don’t let her see you completing openings she’s already dug.

If she views you digging, it is common on her behalf to presume it is suitable behavior and mimic you.


Reinforce Positive Behavior

When you see your pet away in the backyard participating in proper behavior (e.g. nibbling on his playthings, sunning himself, etc.), compliment that behavior.

Understand that to effectively teach canines, the greater you favorably reinforce a behavior, the more powerful that behavior is going to be and the greater the likelihood the dog will engage in it, both if you are there so when you aren’t.

Work on behavior with your pet on a regular basis. The greater you grasp as a team, the better her behavior shall be. You aren’t only his pet owner, but his closest friend too.

In the event that you provide your pet with several ways to cool-down and she still digs, you may want to contact your pet trainer for a few focused dog workout sessions.

She may be digging for a different reason or for several reasons.


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6 thoughts on “How to stop a dog from digging

  1. jonathan

    Thanks for the information. I live in Australia and boy can it get hot. Luckily my dog doesn’t dig any holes,but i think the only reason he doesnt is because he likes to go underneath the house and lay in the dirt their. Im assuming this has a similar effect? what do you think?

    Kind regards

  2. Eric Cantu

    This was a really interesting article. I have 2 dogs myself and luckily they don’t have the digging habits but wow, what an eye opener as to why some dogs do this. I really liked the way this was written as you can feel your love for dogs shining through.

    Nicely written and great pics! Makes me wanna go give my dogs a hug right now lol.

  3. Mary

    Another reason why a dog might go and destroy your backyard is the lack of activity. Since some dog breeds are prone to digging they do it out of fun.

    It will help to get your dog tired by walking him or doing any other activity. If you leave him alone during the whole day in your backyard don’t be surprised when you find your yard bulldozed.


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